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ZIIP Beauty™ paves the way for an entirely new category of at-home skincare devices with the introduction of the ZIIP Nano Current Skincare Device.  More technically advanced than any other at-home tool on the market, this device was created by a team of electrical engineers, scientists, medical doctors, researchers, and skincare expert Melanie Simon. 

When used in conjunction with the ZIIP Beauty™ Conductive Gel Treatment, the results are astonishing.  Noticeable benefits include reversed signs of aging, decreased on-set acne, youthful eyes and radiant texture.  In addition, the impeccable ergonomic design and sleek elegance both enable the two discs on the ZIIP to reach all areas of the face and deliver optimal effects with little effort from the user.

When used regularly, this tool will help to prevent aging skin, and also take a retroactive approach on previous skin damage.

ZIIP comes pre programmed with the "Energize" all around anti-aging electrical cocktail.  Through the ZIIP Beauty™ iPhone app, other dramatically different, and highly effective treatments are offered. Each delivers a specified level of nano current waveform combinations, depending on skin issues and desired results.



1 ZIIP device


1 charger (USB cable + wall charger)

1 sealable, padded travel bag

1 cleaning cloth

1 user guide

1 illustrated instructions